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DO.OMYOGA is a very immersive and deeply connecting Yoga practice. Equal focus in placed on Asana ,Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy, Mantra and Music using ‘Nada Yoga’ for a holistic practice. Nada yoga, meaning "union through sound" is an ancient Indian system and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. It is described in the "Hatha Yoga Pradipika" as one of the most powerful and fruitful meditation techniques to calm the mind by using music and sounds to connect to a higher state of consciousness. Practiced always alongside loud atmospheric Doom/Drone/Ambient/Avant-garde/Psychedelic music .

The practice as a result, serves as a moving meditation as well as a deep listening meditation encouraging deep introspection.

DO.OMYOGA as an asana practice is a dynamic-restorative slow vinyasa based yoga with a strong
emphasis on balancing dynamic ‘active’ postures with deeply connecting  'passive' postures.
The intensity of the music acts as a driving force invigorating strength, yet at the same time compliments the
pace of the practice and has the capacity to aid releasing tension and help sustain holding
asana postures for longer through its emotive nature.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME  from beginners to regular practitioners 

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